About me

Yo, I’m Ethan! Link to heading

I’m a Wellington based cyber security consultant and open source developer making a difference in the world.

I spend my days working for ZX Security where I essentially spend my days hacking into companies, writing reports on said hacking and developing internal tooling. It’s fun to say the least ;)

In my free time you’ll likely catch me coding. My software has been used by millions of people worldwide, with hundreds of thousands of developers choosing my platforms as the base used to build products which scale and those are some facts I just absolutely love. It’s absolutely insane to look back and see the things I’ve accomplished so far and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing where I can take everything in the future.

Other than that you can catch doing generic old things like strapping a GoPro to an RC car, pushing my camera to its limits or just having an amazing time with mates.